Hi, I’m Kiran. Based in Bangalore (Bengaluru, Karnataka, India). I’m a UX/UI designer and Front-End Developer.

About KiranWorkSpace

KiranWorkSpace is a Digital Product Platform. Here I sell Website Themes, Templates, Code Snippets, and Design Resources for free. And also share my coding experience and knowledge through the Blog, which includes programming languages, frameworks, and libraries (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, ReactJS, WordPress, and more).

I have been working as a UI Developer and Front-End Developer since 2015. In my experience, I have met many kinds of designers and developers both as full-time employees or freelancers. Full-time employees are good with their supporting teammates, but not in the case of freelancers. Freelance developers struggle a lot with handling design.

Considering a backend developer who is working on the Laravel framework along with the bootstrap framework, here Bootstrap does almost everything from UI perspective apart from customization or adding some extra stuff on the website. That’s the time he might feel little help. So, KiranWorkSpace is trying to do that “little help” part.

It’s not just that, KiranWorkSpace.com will also create a good portfolio for my career.

Note: I never share any of my client’s codebase or snippets. All code snippets and designs uploaded on this website are all my ideas.

How KiranWorkSpace is developed

KiranWorkSpace is a WordPress website. I have built my theme for WordPress with the help of StackOverflow and WordPress documentation.

I have used: